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Our HSA is made up of hard-working parents/ guardians & faculty who pool their talents to provide practical support for CHS. 


Interested in open board positions? Contact us!


ExEcutive board members 


Sarah Iozzio & Leslie Kerner 


VP Volunteers & Events - Eileen Campos

VP Community Engagement - Fiorella Benson

Treasurer- Ambra Teague

Records Secretary - Kathleen Hong

Recording Secretary - Joy Friedman & Neil Fleming

Communications Director - Kelly Mortimer

Special Education Liaison - Marian Raab

Freshman Parent Reps - Veda Truesdale & Fabiana Glasby

Sophomore Parent Reps - Veronica Olazabal & Kelly Harris

Junior Parent Reps - Polly Kelekis & Jen Drechsler

Senior Parent Reps - Liz Gordon & Kristin Mahoney

Equity & Inclusion Committee Liaison - Yves Hart

Ex-Officio - Yves Hart (non-voting)




Social Media - Amy Power

Communications Outreach & Promotions - Kelly Mortimer

Programming - Kai Dubose & Fawn Dyer

No Frills Fundraising - Amy Power

Beautification - Amy Straub & Kathleen Hong

Faculty Brunch - Sherrie Mannion, Leslie Kerner, Vicki Rivkin

Faculty Luncheon - Rosanna McCrear & Ruth Marks

Safety & Security - Mary Ellen Dawkins

Midnight Madness Co-Chairs - Matt & Jennifer Glass

Assistant Treasurer for Midnight Madness - Tykisha Sampson

Midnight Madness Merch - OPEN

Midnight Madness Fundraising/Sponsorship - OPEN 

Midnight Madness Flocking - Beth Dobrish & Jennifer Hart

Midnight Madness Signs -Christina Taber-Kewene & Chantal Deeble

SOMA Shares - Karen Howell & Thea Cogan-Drew

Cougar Cares - Jane Perry & Mia White

CC Food - Rhea Beck, Stephanie Asch, & Terri Cannon-Nelson

CC Prom Shop - Sara Knutsen

CC Senior Fund - Kathleen Baile & Tia Swanson